For over 30 years SMR has been both directly and indirectly involved in developing training programmes that not only help personnel with their professional growth, but also improve their English Language skills.

This has been particularly recognised when in 2010 the company was awarded the contract to supply and supervise 120 foreign native speaker teachers to conduct a mentoring programme in government schools located throughout Malaysia.  The company not only recruited the teachers but was also responsible for the conduct of the project by designing materials, providing resources and developing different approaches to language teaching to help the specific needs of the teachers.

The conduct of the project was highly regarded as being innovative and a great contribution to the English Language teachers in schools as it addressed directly the needs of the teachers in the classrooms.

In 2015 SMR was also awarded the contract to conduct Professional Up-skilling of English Language Teachers (ProELT) 3 which was a specialist training programme to upskill the language ability of English Language teachers.  SMR was able to develop specialist training materials that improved not only the level of the teacher’s English but also their competency in the classroom.  As part of this programme we also pioneered an online learning platform that integrated the activities carried out in the classroom with online learning and was truly a blended programme that utilised up to date technology with the traditional face to face training.

In view of this vast experience SMR is now able to provide:

  1. Specialist training of all skills pertaining to English Language with the greater emphasis being on the communicative skills of listening and speaking. 
  2. Comprehensive specialist training programmes that address specific needs of a company or client.  This is achieved by conducting a detailed ‘Needs Analysis’ to ensure that real language problems are addressed and we can formulate solutions to address the specific problems.
  3. Specific materials both online and face to face to suit any individual or client.  While there are ‘off the shelf’ text books which may be suitable for general English, we arrange individual activities and exercises that directly help with the specific issue of the clients.
  4. Our trainers are able to assist directly with exam preparation, be it the suite of Cambridge English Exams to TOEFL, IELTS and APTIS.  No matter what the examination or level of the student we can assist them to prepare positively for these tests.
  5. We can also provide a Language Consultancy service to advise and assist on a company’s in house training.  We can help with recruiting and supply of teachers and trainers from our talent pool as well as provision of materials both face to face and online

SMR is in the foremost position to provide a comprehensive English Language Service for all levels and all ages of students and employees. 



Our talent pool consists of mentors and language facilitators from 26+ countries.

For further information on how we can help your English language needs please contact Lily Zalina at or +603 2770 9199.