ELT Cloud Portal


In order to efficiently monitor and disseminate data regarding the project the company set up a web portal where the mentors can record the statistics required for the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and upload or download materials that can be used with the teachers.

The Web Portal also has facilities for a chat forum where mentors and teachers can share ideas and ask each other questions regarding teaching and learning.

This portal is accessible to all stakeholders including mentors, teachers and Ministry officials at all levels. Officials are able to find data relating to mentors and teachers.


The SMR ELT Web Portal has been designed to supply the following:

  • Image     Personal Details of Mentors and all personnel involved in the project
  • Image     Details of assets provided to employees
  • Image     Details of schools served by the project
  • Image     Details of teachers in each of the schools
  • Image     Dates and number of hours spent by mentor along with activity in each school
  • Image     Dates and number of hours spent by mentor with individual teachers
  • Image     Dates and number of hours spent by mentor in workshops along with attendance
  • Image     Details of the number of hours spent by each individual teacher with a mentor
  • Image     Information as to the projected location of the mentor in a timetable
  • Image      A resource facility for training materials submitted by mentors and teachers alike
  • Image     A discussion forum for participants to engage in conversations and ask questions
  • Image     A facility for supervisors and Education officials to check on mentors / teachers in their state / district / school regarding visiting statistics and activities