Let's Wear Helmets!

Perlis Project: Inspiring English – Supporting Safety. Sponsored by SMR Group.

374 helmets were donated by SMR Group to SK Bintong School in Perlis. Every adult and student in the school received a free helmet to increase safety. This includes all of the adult role models at the school: the Guru Besar, all teaching staff, canteen staff, cleaning staff, guards and grounds keepers.

Wear Helmat

All students from Pre-school through year 6 received helmets. Nearly every student’s family owns and uses a motorcycle and now wear helmets! The Programme to celebrate the helmets and the kick off was started on 3, July 2013 .

The Guru Besar, En. Ab Jalil Bin Saibu and The PK En Hasnuddin Bin Nordin introduced the helmet programme and the goals to the students and the parents. They explained the programme was sponsored by SMR Group in Kuala Lumpurand organized by the Native Speaker, Lynne Young as part of the English Programme.

She is working with the Ministry of Education through SMR as a Teacher Trainer with the English teachers at SK Bintong.

Wear Helmat

Teachers and staff cooperated to make sure the event was a success. The PK, HarlinaBt Hassan donated her room, and organized classes to come to receive their helmets.

Teachers were invited to come to the stage and sign the ‘contract’ to show they would wear their helmet every time they ride their motorbike. After signing they received their helmets.

During English class prior to the Programme the students signed their names to promise they would wear their helmets. They chose the colour and helmet that fit them. They were taught about safety.

Wear Helmat

Wear Helmat